Criminal History Background Check

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Learning From Our Mistakes

A criminal history background check became commonplace among businesses after the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. As we all remember, the lack of security was the reason for the unspeakable events that took place. As one example airport security was lax, opening the doors to disaster.

Today, not only do federal and state positions require a criminal history background check of all employees but a good portion of businesses require the same protection. Without this added security you could potentially put your business and your employees in danger. Recovering from negligent hiring lawsuits is nearly impossible, and rebuilding your reputation isn't any easier.

What Jobs Require a Criminal History Background Check?

As we've mention in this site several times, running a background check occurs in many different verticals. From child care to government positions, the information gained from obtaining history reports has proved invaluable. Investing in this process is well worth your time and money.

We've managed to save you both time and money on this process by putting together this site. Researching the hundreds of online screening companies will prove beneficial to you and your hiring needs. Start recruiting only the most reliable candidates for your positions with the help of online background checks.

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