Criminal Record

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A criminal record contains information regarding any arrests or convictions you may have in your past. An employer or landlord can access this information and use it to determine whether you are responsible enough to rent an apartment or hold a full time job. Much of this information is considered public record, meaning that anyone who knows where to look can find it.

Employment Background Search

Before finalizing employment, many companies insist on doing a background check on prospective employees. One portion of this check includes investigating for a criminal record. An employer has the right to know if their prospect has been convicted of a crime. This behavior could affect that person's performance on the job.

Only convicted crimes are available for public access. An arrest will not show on the background check your employer requests. Any reputable background research firm will always complete a thorough investigation to show that all arrests were either acquitted or convicted.

Cleaning Up a Criminal Record

Any negative history you have on your record will not be reported after seven years. If you currently have a splotchy record, don't worry. There is still time for you to correct things. Since most of the items will clear your record in seven years (except convictions) you'll be able to start with a clean slate. Just stay out of trouble until that statue of limitations occurs.

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