Criminal Record Check

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Uncovering Secrets

A criminal record check of prospective employees may reveal a repeat pattern of arrests and convictions. Do you want to offer a full-time position to someone who has a history of criminal behavior? These past actions could resurface and have a severe effect on the daily functions within the office.

For example, without doing a criminal record check on your new accountant you may think you've hired a qualified, professional person. A further investigation shows that this person has stolen money from more than one company and has one prior conviction for theft on his police record. Obviously knowing this information will have direct effect on whether you offer him the position.

What Can a Criminal Record Check Uncover?

Without uncovering all the details about a person, there may be some past behavior you don't know about. That is not to say that all past criminals aren't capable of holding a job. Many reformed criminals have straightened themselves out and have moved on to have a successful and legal lifestyle.

As mentioned previously, it only takes a few minutes to find this information. Keeping your workplace safe is an obligation not a privilege. By overlooking a background check, you could be putting your company, your employees and yourself at risk.

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