Criminal Records

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Criminal records are considered public documentation provided the conviction falls after the alleged criminal has reached legal age. As an employer or property owner, it is your right to access this information before you are willing to enter into any kind of agreement with said person. Accessing these documents has become extremely convenient.

Real-Time Access

Using the power of the internet, a complete criminal records history can be accessed in mere minutes. What used to require days and a trip to the local courthouse can now be done instantaneously. With real-time access, there is no excuse not to go this extra step for caution's sake.

A criminal record history will detail the personal identification of the person including address, social security number, gender, etc. Additionally you will be provided with the crime or crimes charged against this person along with dates of admittance into prison. The place and dates of incarceration are also listed.

Basing Decisions on Criminal Records

What you choose to do with this information is entirely up to you. Hiring or firing employees is an action that requires complete consideration. If you feel the information provided within this background check unveils some risk to you, your employees or the organization, then make your decision accordingly.

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