Criminal Report

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A criminal report can prevent an organization from negligent hiring lawsuits. Still today, many candidates claim false experience and neglect to be forthcoming with their history of criminal activity. If this lack of knowledge results in damages to one of your clients or another employee, your business may be faced with a very uncomfortable situation.

Why You Should Obtain a Criminal Report

As a hiring manager you want to be sure that all of the employees in your department are trustworthy and proficient in their duties. Just because someone claims to have ten years experience in accounting, doesn't necessarily mean that information is accurate. Running a background check can prevent you from hiring people under false pretenses.

A criminal report is just one component of a complete background check. Positions that require transportation or use of the company car may require a report from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Obviously if a potential employee had a history of drunken driving incidents, entrusting this person with a company car or a position that requires operating a vehicle would be absurd.

Bring the Work In House

While there are many organizations that offer full-time help with conducting background checks, much of this work can be done internally. With the help of the internet, companies can pull records from all over the United States to verify an applicants' history. With so much at stake, isn't it worth a few minutes to gain that added security?

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