Employee Screening Services

Written by James Lyons
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Most human resources departments do not have the manpower or expertise in place to thoroughly screen candidates, so they outsource these responsibilities to companies that specialize in employee screening services. Outsourcing is no longer a trend. It's the way of the business world. Companies would rather stick to their core competencies and outsource the things they don't do well.

Most mid-sized companies don't have the expertise or infrastructure in place to perform an adequate criminal background check, reference check or drug test. These employee screening services are an essential element of the hiring process. The last thing any company wants is an inept team of people performing these checks. It could leave them susceptible to legal action or at-risk employees.

Outsource Employee Screening Services

If your company does not specialize in reference checks, then it should not be performing reference checks. If your company does not specialize in performing background checks, then it should not be performing background checks. There are companies out there that specialize in these things and they can do them better than you can. Moreover, they can perform these essential measures without overstepping the boundaries of the law.

Human resources law changes every year which is why HR outsourcing has become such a big industry. Very few corporations can keep up with all the changing legislation. Consequently, HR outsourcing companies have formed to do just that--create value-added employee screening services that comply with HR law. It's one thing to make a bad hire. It's quite another to make a bad hire that either steals from you or files a lawsuit against your company.

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