Employment Background Check

Written by Jessica Duquette
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An employment background check is a vital part of the hiring process in most companies. By verifying past employers and previous jobs held, a prospective employer can guarantee that they are hiring someone that is qualified for the position. In the past, some applicants have lied on their resume or application about the type of duties they performed or for the company they worked for.

Eliminating Fraud

The job market was very tight in the late 1990s causing increased competition for jobs. As a result of this applicants may have felt the need to pump up their resume or possibly even add jobs to their experience that they never held. Before an employment background check became available, this type of activity might not be caught; causing the company to hire based on faulty information.

Background checks now eliminate the worries associated with dishonest applicants. Job seekers are now aware that their prospective employer will verify all past employment and lying about prior experience will prove fruitless. Oftentimes there may be more important issues than verifying employment involved with hiring. In higher profile positions, the employer needs to make sure that the applicant's personality, work ethic and knowledge are right for the position.

Online Employment Background Check

The fastest way to perform a background check is online and usually can be completed within hours. Once an application is received a name and social security number can be entered which will generate a full work history. Receiving this information is much faster and more accurate than contacting previous employers and validating dates of employment and salary history.

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