Employment Background Checks

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Employment background checks eliminate the need to worry about how employees will perform in certain work environments or handle specific tasks. A background check will provide the employer with verification that an applicant has performed all the duties that they claim to have experience with. Although most background checks can verify prior employment history, there are some limitations.

Exclusions To Employment Background Checks

Having prior work experience confirmed is a key step in a company's hiring process. The employment check will validate that the applicant has the experience they claim to have and include prior job titles. What the check may not include is why an applicant was terminated. (A prior employer can usually only disclose that the employee was terminated and not give out reasons why.) In most cases a past employer may not comment on performance, only whether the person was employed.

Office Rage

Unfortunately the United States has become a very violent society and many criminal acts occur in the workplace. There is usually not a month that goes by without the news of a worker returning to his office and shooting coworkers. While these events cannot be predicted, employment background checks may give a good idea of the possibility for such an occurrence.

Most employers take whatever steps necessary in order to protect their employees and business. Aside from violence, companies can suffer greatly should an employee hold a position they are not qualified for. Providing bad information or falsifying experience may mislead a client and cause financial ruin for a company.

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