Fast Background Checks

Written by Dina Kayed
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Although it is generally preferable to conduct a full background check if you need information on a particular individual, there are times when fast background checks will serve the purpose. For example, you may want to conduct a check on a prospective employee. Merely knowing whether or not a person has a criminal record will sometimes be enough to tell you if you want to conduct a further search, or just not bother with that applicant.

For many kinds of financial transactions, one party might want to conduct a quick background check on an individual before proceeding with that transaction. This could apply to bank transactions, for example, or any kind of business transaction. No one wants to pass up a good business deal, but on the other hand, proceeding without making a few checks first could be like stepping off a cliff.

What You'll Get with Fast Checks

The types of information that will usually turn up on fast background checks are bankruptcy, liens and judgments, criminal litigation, validation of social security numbers and name and address information. Sometimes it's enough to conduct a quick search such as this. Often though, this won't serve the purpose entirely.

For some other purposes, such as personal protection or employees who are about to take up highly sensitive positions, a more in-depth investigation will be required. There are circumstances where inspecting public records will simply not be enough. In such cases, a private investigator may be required to conduct an investigation that turns up all required information.

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