Find People By Address

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you are interested in finding people by their addresses, you must use what is called a "reverse address directory." These directories list the names of all individuals either renting or owning a particular piece of property. The information gleaned off one of these directories can let you know who lives there, who owns the house or plot of land, and who has property rights.

Using reverse address directories are completely legal. They utilize public real estate records capable of being researched and accessed by any regular citizen. Reverse directories are merely simpler, straightforward tools to discover the right information in a reasonable amount of time.

Why Find People By Address? You Ask

There are many reasons to use a person's address to find out his name and phone number, or if he might have a criminal or fraudulent record. Businesses interested in particular real estates can use reverse address lookups to contact the owner of a specific building, especially if they are engrossed in the idea of buying or renting the space. People who have problems with potentially dangerous neighbors can also protect themselves by identifying the residents of the address in question before going to the police or other authoritative group.

Human resources departments also utilize reverse address lookup services to verify the existence of a potential employee before hiring him or her. They may also be used for extremely personal reasons, such as discovering if a long lost relative resides at a particular location. On the other hand, information taken from a reverse lookup can also legally corroborate proof of the locality of a deadbeat parent who has skipped out on his or her responsibilities.

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