Find A Person By Address

Written by Sierra Rein
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One of the simplest ways to find someone, besides inputting their first and last names, is to type in as much information one knows about his or her address. Many people use the last known addresses of long lost relatives and friends to track them down through online search engines. Although addresses change over the long run, there are usually clues down the line (change of address forms, a neighbor's word of mouth) to help find a person's new home and contact information.

If the person in question is in the military, one can always do a search into public military records using the last known fort or outpost he or she was stationed at. Most divisions of the U.S. Army, Navy and Marines keep detailed records of known addresses of all military personnel and veterans. They will also be able to find out information regarding the whereabouts of reserve soldiers and people traveling abroad for duty.

Not everyone searching by an address is looking for a person. Those who are curious regarding a residential or business location can look up and find a lot of information about a specific address. One can find out the names of current and past residents, discover phone numbers, obtain property records, and glean any data regarding legal or criminal actions currently taking place in conjunction with the property.

Protect Your Family and Find a Criminal Person by Address

Unfortunately, our neighborhoods are not all friendly; indeed, many can be an actual threat to the health and well being of one's entire family. It is a simple matter to use the address of a suspected neighbor (even without the knowledge of his or her name) to discover if he or she has a history of criminal or violent behavior. This process is completely legal and can be used to protect young children against potentially dangerous individuals in the neighborhood.

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