Find A Person On The Internet

Written by Sierra Rein
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In today's day and age, there are few people in the more modern nations who have never interacted with the Web. Many individuals on the planet have had exposure to the Internet, and most people have volunteered common items of public record (phone numbers, addresses, email contacts and birth dates) of their own accord. This makes the Internet an extremely effective tool to use to find a lost relative, college sweetheart, former roommate, or potential business partner.

While general online search engines may be able to bring about top keyword hits, it is best to perform the search through a site that is professionally designed to search through public records. After all, unless the person you are looking for has an extensive personal website of her own, it may be difficult to search through all the known hits without incredibly specific keywords to start. You would do better to find a website that specializes in finding people rather than performing a blind search, especially if a limited amount of information is known about the person for whom you're searching.

The Smart Way to Find a Person on the Internet

In order to effectively find a person on the Internet, it is best to sit down and brainstorm a list of all "official" information on him or her you can think of. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, social security numbers, home and work phone numbers, and all known home and work addresses are all good pieces of information to start with. If these do not work on internet search engines, consider any possible name changes (was she thinking of marrying the last time you spoke with her?) and try to brainstorm and search for any close friends and relatives that may be able to provide you with clues to her whereabouts.

If you try to find her through a simple website search engine and do not come up with any answers, it may behoove you to contact the website staff to perform a more personal search on your behalf. For an extra fee, these internet sleuths can be hired to follow every online path necessary to come up with an answer for you. If they cannot discover her whereabouts, there may be a distinct possibility that she may be in another country or has changed her identity through either legal or illegal means.

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