Find A Person By Phone Number

Written by Sierra Rein
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One can find a person by telephone number through what are called reverse telephone directories. Some of these are printed in large books similar to the white or yellow pages and are divided by area code and city. Other directories are online and can be used by typing in the number through a search field on a website.

Reverse telephone directories can be searched using a regular phone number, cell phone number, unlisted number, or a voicemail/pager number. The information that can be gleaned from any one of these phone numbers is almost astounding. Type in a number, and one can find a personal name and address attached to that number, and any other addresses associated with it.

A report like this can also contain dates of residence and other people who use the phone number on a regular basis (such as spouses, roommates and family members). This information can be incredibly useful when searching for someone who has been missing for many years. It can also be used to verify the residential records for potential employees or those who may be hired for childcare purposes.

Security and Safety Reasons to Find a Person by Phone Number

In today's day and age, most are inundated by phone calls throughout the day (and not from friendly or well-meaning individuals, either). Crank callers and stalkers can be discouraged from continuing their calls once a person knows their name and whereabouts, and that this information can be brought to the police at any time. Searching by the person's phone number can also bring public criminal records to light and can inform a parent if he needs to contact authorities regarding a personal threat to his family.

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