Finding Information On An Individual

Written by Sierra Rein
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Despite the vast number of opportunities to communicate with one another, there are still difficulties to be had when finding information on an individual. Some people try to find contact data for lost relatives and friends, or to find out more about their real parents. Others have business propositions to finalize or must find pertinent information regarding a criminal issue before it is finally resolved.

When conventional search methods fail, alternative ways to find information on an individual are usually required. These ways may include hiring a professional detective or company to dig into more details regarding the person's whereabouts and contact information. They can also include finding an online search company that specializes in gathering public record information and compiling it based on specific keyword search parameters (like name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number).

Because most people do not like the idea of having their information researched, it is essential to find out whether a search will be totally confident and anonymous. This is particularly important when trying to find out where a criminal or debtor is located. After all, stealth is always necessary when targeting deadbeat parents, missing witnesses, and tenants who have skipped town without paying rent.

Finding Information on an Individual before the Hiring Process

Today, businesses are more likely to be wary about hiring anyone off the street. There is often a lengthy background check process that must be taken seriously before an individual is considered a full employee. Applicants must understand this before signing up for an interview, and businesses must also understand that these kinds of checks are no laughing matter.

It is actually quite easy to go online and search through public records to verify the information given on an application form. One can even search by social security number to discover whether the applicant is being truthful before the interview. Sometimes, these searches can be accomplished while the potential employee is still waiting in the lobby for the elevator!

The Costs of Finding Information on People

Hiring a personal and professional investigator is perhaps the most expensive of all tracking methods. They usually charge an hourly fee for their work and are more difficult to check up on. However, online companies usually offer free or trial services and only charge whenever the important information has been found.

The Accuracy of Information Online

Everyone knows that using websites is a quick method for finding out people's contact data, but few understand just how up to date it may be. Most search engines use already verified public data to collect their information that is as up to date as the last time the person applied for a credit card, rented a movie, or considered buying a house. The more often the person engages in activities that leave public records, the more likely the information will be accurate and up to date.

If there is any question regarding the validity of a piece of data, it is incredibly important to perform further research. Falsely accusing someone of a crime, or not hiring him because of it, violates civil liberties and can be cause for civil actions. In addition, there is the danger that the information is completely false and the search company has been fraudulently taking advantage of individuals who are searching for loved ones and lost relatives. In these cases, it is best to contact a Better Business Bureau, complain, and then find a more reliable source of information on the individual in question.

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