Free Criminal Record Searches

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Free criminal record searches are relatively easy to perform and provide detailed information of crimes committed by the person in question. All that is needed to search is the name, date of birth and possibly social security number and a complete criminal record can be obtained. Criminal records can be used for a number of things; employment offers or gun purchases to name a few.

Using Free Criminal Record Searches

If you are a new parent finding someone you trust to watch your child can be a lengthy and difficult process. Not only do you have to worry about the person being trained to take care of a child, you also have to be sure that your child will be safe with the sitter or day care center. The person you select most likely will not volunteer their criminal past so conducting one of the many free criminal record searches can give you the peace of mind you need.

A criminal record search can be performed from your home in a matter of minutes and can alleviate unnecessary worry about your child's safety. You assume daycare centers run criminal histories on all of its workers but realize that being 100% sure that your baby is safe is more important. Once you have completed the search you can feel safe that your child is in good hands or else you can start looking for another childcare provider.

Consent Forms

Conducting these searches is legal, so don't feel as though you are betraying someone's trust by searching through their past. Many employers ask their new hires to sign a consent form in order to access this information. However, much of the same information provided by background searching companies can be found through your own computer.

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