Inmate Records

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Why Inmate Records Are Public Property

Inmate records are available for public viewing to ensure safety. While many convicted felons are rehabilitated, some venture out into the work force with bad intentions. Protecting employees from potential disaster is your responsibility as a business owner.

Inmate records, DMV reports and credit history can all help paint a clear picture of your employees or potential hires. Without this information you are basing your decision on a personality match and a resume. How accurate is the resume and how well can someone sell himself?

Make the Small Investment

Background checks do not require private investigators or a significant investment. You can begin making your office a safer place to work by simply running a check through the internet. To get started simply click on the link above or begin browsing through any internet search engine.

While some information is considered private an untouchable to the general public, there is still a tremendous amount of information available on the internet that is easily accessible. Court records, driving violations and convicted arrests are just some of the data you will uncover during a thorough background check.

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