Instant Background Check

Written by Jessica Duquette
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An instant background check is excellent for companies starting up or those that need to fill positions in a hurry. A standard background check will have to be mailed, processed and then returned via mail which could take days if not weeks. Fast moving companies cannot afford to wait for a check to be completed and cannot justify hiring without a thorough background review.

Do You Need An Instant Background Check?

Let's say you are a human resource professional working for a Fortune 500 company. Your CFO has just resigned effective immediately and you need to bring in a candidate to fill his position in days rather than in weeks or months. You do not have time to wait for a background check but you also cannot afford to hire a former finance executive from Enron or WorldCom. Performing an immediate background check will provide you with the information you need to make a decision fast and effectively.

Although the aforementioned situation may be a little unrealistic, there are occasions when a background check is needed immediately. In these cases the best way to gather information is over the internet or on the phone. The internet provides another advantage in that once you have submitted the information you can wait for the results while performing other checks rather than being restricted to your phone or desk.

Instant Background Check for Handguns

In conjunction with the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, states are required to run background checks on any person wishing to purchase a handgun. Some states have waiting periods while others allow purchases to happen quickly using an instant check system. The FBI maintains a database that includes information on illegal aliens, previously denied owners, felons and other qualities that forbid someone from purchasing a gun. The database is updated routinely and is a reliable source for an instant check.

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