Missing Person Information

Written by Dina Kayed
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There are literally thousands of different scenarios that would lead an individual to conduct a search for missing person information. While missing loved ones, especially children, are the most tragic and urgent cases, there are a wide range of other types of missing persons. Perhaps someone just wants to get back in touch with a friend from the past, or from school or the military.

Sometimes a company will conduct a missing persons search because an employee has suddenly stopped coming into work. Occasionally even government departments will conduct a missing persons search. The military will often conduct a search for someone who has been AWOL for some time. So the list goes on. There are thousands of missing persons cases in the US at any one time, and a large number of them are never resolved.

What Do You Have?

The more information there is on a missing person, the quicker you can expect results. A complete name and a last known address are almost guaranteed to turn up a successful search unless that person has been abducted. A correct social security number will often have good results too, though not if it's been used by someone illegally.

If someone doesn't want to be found, you could have a very difficult task ahead of you. Most of the time missing persons are not actually covering their tracks; they are simply getting on with their lives. For someone like a parent who has skipped town, or a spouse who doesn't want any further contact, it is quite easy to take on a completely different identity. Then, success with your missing person search will involve a bit of luck as well as judgment.

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