People Finder

Written by Sierra Rein
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A people finder is any website, detective, or search database designed to help individuals discover information and the whereabouts of specific people in their lives. People finders can be used for personal or professional reasons and are legitimate fact-discovering instruments. They legally utilize public records and various hints to find long lost loves, military alumni, family members, or high school buddies.

The most effective people finders utilize the vast informational spectrum of the Internet to hunt for clues. Many online search engines have people finding search fields already built into their home pages, in case a user has already signed up with an email or online identity. These are good for straightforward searches requiring a few simple pieces of information, such as first and last names, maiden names, date or location of birth, and last known place of residence.

Of course, there are instances that may demand a tougher hunt process, especially if the person does not wish to be found. Criminals and petty thieves often change their identities online to hide information regarding their pasts, and one's "good" friend who borrowed $3,000 last summer is not likely to accept phone calls or emails from anyone for a while! Many online people finder companies provide expanded services (like personal detectives and powerful search computers) to connect with government informational databases, business rosters, and military records to narrow down the location of a delinquent criminal offender.

People Finder Services for Business Relations

Oftentimes, a business or company may employ a people finder service to track down an individual. This can be due to a theft, fraudulent account, or criminal act, or it can be the simple search for a former employee who is ideally perfect for the company's new department. With the help of a people finder, the HR department can find the person and offer him or her a new job within hours of performing the search.

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