People Search Websites

Written by Sierra Rein
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Most people search websites provide a free or trial membership to use their search engines. Search websites that charge a fee often do so whenever a more classified group of information is in demand, or if one person has a long list of lost relatives to find. An online people finder will usually charge businesses or companies that are interested in looking up specific data regarding possible criminal or fraudulent records of an employee as well.

Indeed, businesses are more likely now than ever to search for evidence regarding the past of a potential employee before finishing the hiring process. Through a people search websites, a company can positively validate an applicant's social security number, past addresses and property ownerships, and find out if there are any criminal records or sex offender points against them. This information can be compared to the person's application form and can become part of the hiring process.

As with most online information, the results of a search on a people search website needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Data in public records are sometimes insufficient to legally use for verification purposes, and only about 35 percent of all public records are available online. The best way to utilize this information is to provide a starting point to jump off from.

The Best Way of Using People Search Websites

Before inputting in any information on the Web, it is a good idea to brainstorm and jot down any and all information that is close at hand. Even writing down the person's birthday, maiden name, married name, number of children, job and favorite place to shop may help you narrow down key search phrases to use. Some people find who they are looking for through a secondary source, such as a child or former employee, or through public records like supermarket cards and professional research databases to find the information they demand.

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