Personal Background Checks

Written by Dina Kayed
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For most of us living in big cities today, the dangers inherent in meeting new people are very real. To underestimate what can happen if you hook up with the wrong individual is to make a grave mistake. In rural areas, the dangers are not nearly so great, simply because everyone likely knows everyone else. In a big city, however, it's easy for a person to lose his past and take on a new identity.

While bringing someone into your business with a criminal record or drug addiction, for example, could be very damaging, the prospect of bringing the same person into your personal life could be disastrous. Although screening cannot always turn up dangerous character traits, it's a fair assumption that at least a proportion of the high profile domestic murder cases we see on TV all the time could have been averted if the victim had conducted a personal background check at the beginning of a relationship.

What to Expect from a Background Check
Very few personal background checks actually turn up information that will send a person out of our lives forever. Murderers, embezzlers, drug peddlers and sex offenders do not make up a large section of the population, fortunately. However, if you make it a habit to run background checks on new people in your life, you won't suffer any nasty shocks.

Simple steps like verifying marital status, checking out college degrees and investigating work history may not seem like much, but think of this: With a little concrete background, you'll at least know if a person is lying. That important knowledge can be a valuable safety check. If you can identify when someone starts to depart from the truth, at least you'll be warned that all is not as you think it is.

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