Police Records

Written by Jessica Duquette
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How Police Records Can Affect Employment

Police records are a significant part to background checks. An employer wants to be sure he is making the right decision in hiring you. Any history that appears on your background check that may affect your work performance will be taken into consideration before you are hired.

Police records and criminal activity are always revealed on a background check report. If you have been convicted of a crime or even arrested, that information will appear on your report. Though you may think a past drunk driving accident won't affect your performance at work, your boss might think twice before loaning you the company car.

Why Are They Nosing Around in My Personal Life?

Corporations do not pull this detailed information on employees because they are being nosy. With strict security rules since 9/11, no organization can be too cautious. Your employer uses these background checks to ensure the safety of his business and your fellow employees.

In order to avoid a scandalous situation with a potential employer, be truthful on your job application. If you have a past criminal record honesty may go a long way with your boss. People make mistakes, and many of those people learn and grow from them. If your employer feels that you are one of this people, he or she will hire you regardless.

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