Public Criminal Records

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Public criminal records contain any instances in which a person was convicted of a crime. Arrests without conviction are not a matter of public record and cannot be used against you. If you are applying for a new job and are curious to find out what types of information could be exposed about your history, this site will educate you on the contents of background checks.

Public Criminal Records Shows Jail Time

Incarceration is one detail which is listed on public criminal records. Your date of entrance and release along with the facility name are of public record and can be accessed by anyone who visits the local courthouse. For others, this information can be obtained through a secure internet browser.

This does not mean your complete life history is posted on the internet for all to see. Background check firms have expanded their business online to provide employers with real-time information about their prospects. This is a paid service which utilizes the most advanced internet security.

Other Offenses

Drug test records and sex offenses are also a matter of public record. When you commit one of these crimes you are waiving your right to privacy. Any employer or landlord can access this information before deciding whether to enter into a contract with you.

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