Searching For A Person

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many reasons why someone would be searching for any clues as to the whereabouts of another person. One may be looking to rekindle a long lost romance that ceased after a war, new job, or personal choice. On the other hand, a search could be made on the basis of an important business venture or because the original contact information has been lost.

In the past, searching for a person required the help of a private investigator and the use of government papers and public records. Today, most private investigators have been replaced with white and yellow pages as well as online search engines. These informational databases span the scope of human intelligence data and can make the search a lot quicker.

Anyone can go online through these websites and search for someone by name, telephone and cell phone numbers, social security number, last known address, and date of birth. This is a completely legal process, as it utilizes records that are open to anyone in the public. One can even discover criminal activity records or find out if a medical practitioner has the skills and reputation he or she claims to have.

Searching For a Person in Difficult Circumstances

When decades have gone by, it is quite common for people to become lost, especially if they have changed jobs, gotten married, changed names, or moved to entirely different locations. In these cases, it is important to re-think the search process and think for other ways to find missing people. A few good ideas are to try to contact known friends and family members for clues, search by potential married names or nicknames, call business friends, military posts, and contact the embassies of foreign countries if the person might have traveled overseas.

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