Body Armor Jackets

Written by Renee Eng
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Some people look for the extended protection of body armor jackets. These generally have sleeves, or at least are continued over the shoulders, so they give more protection than regular ballistic vests. Nowadays you're just as likely to find a civilian wearing body armor as you are a soldier or policeman. People everywhere have discovered that these garments can provide a significant level of safety while they're going about their business.

Who Wears Body Armor Jackets?

You might be forgiven for thinking that high profile individuals, such as politicians, executives, or even media or sports personalities, would be the most likely candidates. But you can find lots of trade people, or anyone who is regularly in contact with the public, who find that wearing body armor jackets gives them the security they need. If you are included in this group, make sure that the level of protection provided by your body armor specifically includes the threat from stabbing.

On the streets you're just as likely to get stabbed or attacked with a sharp implement as you are to get shot so this is an important point. To be effective, body armor jackets need to be chosen with the particular threat or threats involved in mind. The levels of protection available go from I right up to IV.

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