Bullet Proof Vests

Written by Patricia Skinner
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In most cases the criteria for choosing bullet proof vests include wearability and price, as well as the all-important protective capability. Although technological advances mean that the level of protection afforded by such protective clothing is fast progressing beyond belief, there is no perfect system. No one can offer you a bullet proof vest or any other piece of equipment that is absolutely guaranteed to keep you alive.

Particularly where some kind of partial protective clothing, such as bullet proof vests, is concerned, there is a danger that a round of ammunition or an implement may be deflected off the armor and enter the body in another place. This means that injuries could be sustained somewhere else such as the leg or arm or even the neck. Although wearing body armor will preserve life in most cases, serious injury could still result and it's important to realize this.

Using Bullet Proof Vests

It is important to buy bullet proof vests with the right level of protection for the activities you are planning. If you are in a situation where, for example, someone fires an automatic rifle at you, you're going to need the best available. This means a grade III or IV protection, and not I or II as is common. Again, if you are exposed to attackers using other weapons such as knives or picks, you need a garment that is specifically intended for this purpose. Make sure that whatever you buy, it has been tested for all these scenarios.

For someone who is regularly faced with dangerous situations, the trade-off between expense and protection is going to need to be one where protection wins. It doesn't make sense to sacrifice safety in favor of dollars. If bullet proof vests are not going to be enough to cover you or your employees, then make sure full body combat gear is used. At the very least, make an effort to conceal your protective vest. Remember that if an assailant notices you're wearing protection, he could aim somewhere else, and that is most likely to be your head. Safety should come first in all instances.

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