Concealable Vests

Written by Renee Eng
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The most popular classification of protective clothing for members of the public are concealable vests. An item of body armor that is indispensable because it covers all the major body organs, the vest is also the easiest item to disguise or conceal if that need is felt. Although there are two opinions on this subject, it seems the prevailing view is that concealed ballistic protection is preferable to overt in a civilian situation.

The reason for this is that, quite simply, if your assailant can see you have on body armor, he will be likely to aim for an area that's not covered, such as your head. So not drawing attention to the fact that you are using body armor with the use of concealable vests is preferable. Who wants to be the case that proves the point?

Buying Concealable Vests

There are two basic possibilities when choosing concealable vests for ballistic protection. Either you can go with the traditional kind that you wear under your ordinary clothes so that it cannot be seen at all or you can go with a piece of body armor that is designed to look just like an ordinary men's vest for use with a suit. This last could be more versatile as you could probably use it either way, whereas the other type generally announces itself once it is seen.

Like any type of body armor, concealable vests come in a number of different protection levels. The lowest is a I, which will not protect you against gun shots of any kind. A II or III is likely to give you the kind of security you need. However it must be remembered that protective body armor of any kind is not a fail proof solution. Concealable vests can only protect you if they cover the area that your assailant has targeted.

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