Engarde Undergarment Vests

Written by Patricia Skinner
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One superior make of concealed body armor for use by the public is EnGarde undergarment vests. This company specializes in constructing wearable body armor vests in a range of protection levels to meet varying personal security needs. Whether you need a IIA, a II or even a IIIA can be determined on consultation with experts if you're not sure what your needs are.

Types of EnGarde Undergarment Vests

Engarde undergarment vests come in different weights to match the level of protection you have chosen. The higher the level, the heavier the garment. But even so, an EnGarde vest will not weigh more than 5.0 lbs. This is a very minor inconvenience when the safety factor is taken into account.

You can get EnGarde undergarment vests that are intended to be worn underneath a sweater or shirt, or the formal vest type that can be worn as part of a man's suit. Whichever is chosen the wearer can rely on the quality of EnGarde products for comfort and safety. The high quality materials chosen reflect a commitment to being at the top of their field pursued by EnGarde.

EnGarde undergarment vests are made from Dupont's Kevlar and Spectra, and where needed are reinforced with one of the superior shield fabrics of the day, such as Dyneema or Spectra. Although EnGarde, like all forms of body armor, can be a little warm for use in hot weather, they are made with the most comfortable materials available and any discomfort is offset by the great level of safety offered by these products.

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