High Level Protection

Written by Renee Eng
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If you're engaged in any type of dangerous occupation, make sure you get yourself some high level protection in the form of a good bullet proof vest. What kind of protective body armor you choose will depend on circumstances and budget usually. It should be born in mind that protective equipment is expensive. The higher the level of protection you need, the bigger the bill will be.

For those who are exposed to more than just hand gun risk, only one high level protection should be considered and that's a IV. This is generally a protective vest of a IIIA level that has been further strengthened by the addition of rigid shields made of such materials as Spectra or Dyneema armor. The combination will give a IV. If you already have a protective vest but want to raise it to high level protection, see about the possibility of adding armor plates if the vest has the slots for it.

Choosing High Level Protection

Remember that for high level protection against a ballistic threat you will have to forgo the comfort of a soft protective vest. As things stand at the moment, all the higher level ballistic protection consists of added rigid plates. It tends to be bulky and is heavier than other types of body armor. This kind of protection is not generally suitable for continuous use.

This is the reason that organizations usually go to the trouble of assessing threat levels so that personnel need not keep up the same high level protection all the time. It is more practical to modify the steps you take to suit the prevailing circumstances so that at least some of the time, lighter equipment can be used. If you're not completely sure what your body armor needs are it is worth consulting with an expert to make sure you get the best solution for your money.

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