Maximum Protection Information

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For some, the ordinary levels of protection offered by the majority of bullet proof vest specialists is not enough, and they are looking for maximum protection information. If you want the highest level of protection available in body armor, you'll be looking for a level IV. This most often consists of a vest or jacket that is classified as a IIIA, which has been fitted with the extra protection of rigid shields that are fitted into the specially constructed slots on the garment.

This level of protection is not easy to wear. It is bulky, stiff and will restrict movement and even vision in some cases. But if you're to have a chance of with standing whatever an assailant dishes out, even shots from a high powered rifle, then this is what you need. Most organizations acknowledge in their maximum protection information on body armor, that a level IV garment is not intended for full time use.

It can be very difficult to live with this kind of restrictive clothing for long stretches of time. But of course, it is preferable to wear even the most uncomfortable gear rather than die from an attack. This kind of bullet proof protection is also very expensive and this is a factor when individuals seek out maximum protection information. The higher the level of protection, the more expensive the garment will be. The special shields used are usually made from one of the high performance shield fabrics such as Spectra or Dyneema, and are the most expensive element of a level IV garment.

The Latest High Level Maximum Protection Information

If you're looking for cutting edge maximum protection information, it will be of interest to you to know that a completely new type of high level protection is in the pipeline. Dupont, the makers of Kevlar, is at a very advanced stage in the development of their new liquid armor. This will provide a new type of body armor that will be soft, comfortable and flexible at all times, until it comes into contact with a projectile. The new technology produces a rigid shield on contact, and is awaited with enthusiasm by those who are excited about the possibility for an inexpensive solution for the whole body that does not restrict movement.

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