Clock Radio Cameras

Written by James Lyons
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Clock radio cameras are useful devices for parents, husbands, wives, and business owners. Most clock radio cameras operate as fully functional clock radios. Unless someone tells you, it's almost impossible to distinguish the difference between a normal clock radio and a clock radio camera. You can place a clock radio camera in your child's room and thoroughly monitor his activity without him ever knowing.

Husbands and wives have found clock radio cameras to be especially useful. I should write that suspicious husbands and wives have found these cameras to be especially useful. While I don't necessarily condone the use of these cameras for the purposes of catching your significant other doing an unsavory act, I don't deny that these cameras are remarkably effective in uncovering that type of information. If you feel the need to use one of these cameras, perhaps you need to re-evaluate your relationship.

Clock Radio Cameras for Business Owners

Businesses have clocks and many businesses have clock radios. I know a business owner who bought each one of his employees a clock radio for his or her cubicle or office. They could use them or not. What the employees didn't know is these clock radios were also cameras. The business owner was trying to catch a thief and these clock radio cameras eventually helped him find the perpetrator.

There was some fallout after this stunt. Many employees were offended by his inauthentic gift and felt like their privacy had been violated. He argued that he had every right to protect his company and the measures he took were drastic because the company had lost thousands of dollars because of this internal thief. In the end, his staff forgave him and they collectively agreed to keep their eyes open for suspicious behavior.

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