Hidden Security Cameras

Written by James Lyons
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The problem with most security cameras is that you can see them. In my opinion, this defeats the point of having security cameras. If an intruder knows where the cameras are, he can avoid them and successfully ravage your home. Now, if you use these traditional security cameras as a decoy, then they can be very effective. Use these old mounted cameras as a diversion from the actual cameras catching the perpetrators in the act.

A number of people have held on to their old security cameras for that very reason. They leave these cameras mounted around their house, then install covert cameras in other places. Some of the best outdoor security cameras are the ones that double as outdoor motion light systems. Potential burglars and thieves will most likely not be able to distinguish a normal motion light system from a motion light system with a camera.

Hidden Security Cameras Save the Day

I grew up in a neighborhood that rarely experienced any sort of crime. It was a quiet, upper-middle class neighborhood in the suburbs of Houston. One year, however, the neighborhood started experiencing a little crime wave. Several houses were cleaned out and the police could not find the perpetrators. The neighborhood was up in arms.

One of the residents, however, was savvy enough to install a smoke detector camera in her living room. Knowing she would be gone for a few weeks over the holidays, she decided to take responsibility for the safety of her things. Sure enough, her house was broken into in late December. The burglars were caught on tape in her living room. They apparently felt safe and decided to take off their ski masks.

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