Smoke Detector Cameras

Written by James Lyons
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Smoke detector cameras are among the best covert cameras available in the market. In my opinion, this is one of the best ideas around when it comes to covert video surveillance. Smoke detectors are typically mounted on ceilings, which means the cameras inside the detectors have an optimal point of view. If an intruder entered your home, he would never know your smoke detector contained a camera, so he would never think to disable it.

Covert video surveillance is a very intelligent way to go when dealing with home security. Smoke detector cameras have a number of very valuable benefits. If you have children, these cameras are great for monitoring your chosen caretaker. Some parents even tell their caretakers or nannies that there are covert cameras stashed around the house. Some choose to tell the nanny or babysitter. Either way, it's a tool to help protect your kids.

Other Benefits of Smoke Detector Cameras

These nifty little devices are also great for catching thieves. A popular trend has been to advertise what kind of alarm system or surveillance system you have in place. People put stickers on their windows and illuminate areas around their surveillance cameras to let potential intruders know their houses are protected. There is a potential problem with this kind of thinking.

The more you tell a potential intruder, the more he knows. If you put a sign in your yard that says your house is protected by "XYZ Security Company," the thief will know what's he's dealing with. He can study their systems and learn how to disable them. If a possible thief does not know a camera is hiding inside your smoke detector and that camera is linked into your alarm system, that thief is in big trouble.

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