Stay Awake

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If you've ever tried to stay awake on an interminably long drive, you already know how powerful the forces of nature can be. Even with the CD player blasting, the air conditioning cranked up to high, and a 20-ounce coffee in your hand, drowsiness can quickly overcome you. Moreover, the possibility is dramatically heightened when driving early in the morning or late at night, which nearly everyone has done at some point.

It's harrowing to think that each day millions of drivers fight to stay awake behind the wheels of their cars. And it's not just older drivers who succumb to sleep while lolling down country lanes in big old antique sedans, either. Even drivers who've made the same commute for years on end can fall prey to a bad night's sleep (or no sleep at all), sickness, or over-the-counter drugs. Even if most medications overtly state that users shouldn't drive while dosed up, most people disregard these warnings altogether.

Stay Awake with a Nap Zapper

Of all the ways drivers choose to stay awake, nap zappers are easily one of the most original. A tiny piece of plastic fits around the back of your ear just as a mobile phone's ear piece might, and emits a loud shriek if and when you doze off behind the wheel. So how exactly does the device know you're counting sheep? Its sensors gauge a sharp change in the angle of your head, then trigger an alarm to shake you from your slumber and, with luck, save your life.

While nap zappers are intended to help residential drivers stay awake, they're also perfect for commercial drivers who make all-night runs and typically sleep in their rigs. And if trucker gifts don't routinely make it onto your holiday list, consider the nap zapper's other possible applications. A nap zapper may just get you through your next conference call, board meeting, or office presentation (provided you're watching it, not giving it).

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