Surveillance Digital Video Recorders

Written by James Lyons
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Crime is no longer just an inner city problem. Following World War II, many people, moved to the suburbs because they believed the suburbs were safer than the inner city. Consequently, the inner cities experienced further deterioration. As people left, so did jobs. Poverty reigned supreme for a long time and those left behind to inhabit the inner cities often turned to drugs and crime.

People in the suburbs soon realized moving was not the only way to prevent crime. So-called "edge cities" began to form and crime eventually found its way to the suburbs. Because of this false sense of security, many homes were susceptible to burglary. Quiet suburban towns soon became the targets of ambitious criminals and suburbanites were getting cleaned out.

Enter Modern Surveillance Equipment

For a while, only the supremely wealthy in this country used high-tech stuff like surveillance digital video recorders to monitor their homes. These wealthy people also had security gates, security guards, and state-of-the-art alarm systems. Breaking into these homes was next to impossible. As technology improved, however, prices went down. Now people who live in the inner city can afford to protect their homes in many of the same ways.

I still believe education is the best way to fight crime. Most criminals choose their way of life because they think that's the only option they have left. Many choose crime because that's what they grew up with and that's what they know. Until education significantly improves in this country, people will have to take aggressive measures to ensure the protection of their homes.

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