Embezzlement Cases

Written by Charles Peacock
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Embezzlement cases are not just the province of high-profile, multi-national corporations. Employee theft of company property that has been entrusted to their care takes place in every size of business. It is one of the most costly forms of theft, and it can be difficult to detect and prosecute.

Investigating Embezzlement Cases

One of the difficulties with handling embezzlement cases in-house is that you risk detection by the suspected embezzler. If this happens, you might not be able to catch them in the act, and therefore may not be able to prove any wrongdoing. It takes a good deal of know-how to conduct a thorough, fair investigation without ruining the chance of catching the thief in the act and recovering any stolen property or funds.

Luckily, professional investigators know how to discreetly conduct these types of investigations. Embezzlement cases are a substantial source of business for them, since in most instances they fall outside the jurisdiction of the local authorities. As a result, investigators have the knowledge and tools to handle embezzlement cases more efficiently and successfully than you could working alone.

Since many investigators are retired law enforcement officials, they have access to tools and resources that can aid them in their investigations. Things like background checks and covert surveillance can be performed without the knowledge of the suspected embezzler. As a result, if you hire a private investigator, you are more likely to catch the person in the act and gather enough evidence to prosecute them.

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