How To Become A Locksmith

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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For students wondering how to become a locksmith, there are a few tried and true approaches. One of the quickly vanishing routes is to take an apprenticeship with a veteran locksmith. There, you'll make a low wage, at least initially, and be saddled with plenty of "grunt" work, but you'll also see first hand how a true locksmith operates. Your task is then to act like a sponge and absorb everything you possibly can.

Other students become professional locksmiths after careers in other fields. Police officers and security workers typically have some lock picking skills to begin with, as they are a fundamental part of such jobs. If you have a natural gift for building with your hands (maybe you've even been in construction), you may find the question of how to become a locksmith an easy one to answer: simply teach yourself.

How To Become a Locksmith: A More Traditional Approach

For others still, the easiest answer to the question of how to become a locksmith is through a certification course. Taking a locksmith certification course ensures that you meet all the requirements to own and operate your own business (or work as a professional locksmith for someone else). The certificate is only awarded after you've demonstrated mastery of skills such as impressioning, lock breaking, picking, duplicating, and rekeying.

A locksmith training course can be a fine way to meet your future employees, co-workers, and competitors as well. Even if the vast majority of students in a locksmith workshop never go on to open up a private business, many are content to be a part of the locksmith community in a given area. This can mean invitations to trade shows, receiving newsletters, and chatting with fellow locksmiths about tips, tricks, and problems of the trade.

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