Lock Pick Kits

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Well-Stocked Lock Pick Kits

Obviously, locksmith tools should be included in any locksmith supplies. Each professional will have favorite picks, tension wrenches, and a pick gun. Pick guns take practice to use well, and should probably be used by experienced lock pickers rather than beginners.

In addition to these tools, well-stocked lock pick kits should include measuring instruments, cleaning up supplies, lighting devices, and many other categories of items that a locksmith in the field might need. Usually, speed is essential on a lock picking job. The locksmith doesn't have time to drive to the local hardware store to pick up some important item for lock pick kits. Whether you are just starting your business and using the family station wagon, or you have a van with your company's logo on it, there are some items you need to carry in it.

Be Prepared

Unless you have been locksmithing for some time and know what you will need in your lock pick kits, it might be well to have a work bench in the van to be able to repair or make tools on the spot. Hammers, screwdrivers, drills and bits, wrenches, and needlenose pliers should be available. A tape measure, square, dial caliper, feeler gauge set, magnifying glass, and magic marker will be useful.

There are so many items that you might need in the field. Make sure any books you buy have suggestions for stocking your van. You might not think, for instance, of carrying a digital camera to record interesting safes or locks you encounter. Just like any locksmith store, you can use a key machine. Flashlights are a must. Take a step ladder, portable vacuum cleaner for clean up, and a luggage cart for moving your essentials easily.

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