Lock Pick Sets

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Making Your Own

Only an experienced, skilled lockpicker should attempt to fashion homemade lock pick sets. Only such a craftsperson would know what parts to scavenge or what kind of metal to use. And undoubtedly, only a dedicated professional would be willing to put such time and effort into lock pick tools that are available from suppliers.

Spring steel is the metal of choice for grinding homemade picks. You can find it in hacksaw blades, piano wire, clock springs, street sweep bristles, or plumbers' snakes. Naturally, you need to know what angles and tips work best on which locks. A skilled lockpicker can use a small screwdriver to make a tension wrench, or, if more flexibility is preferred, use spring steel for this tool also.

Commercial Lock Pick Sets

Lock pick sets are widely available. However, any locksmith suppliers will have requirements for any sale. These range from disclaimers to providing proof of locksmithing credentials to proving evidence of a valid driver's license.

Tempered stainless steel is often used in the best of these lock pick sets. Some sets contain various picks, along with a broken key extractor and a couple of tension tools. The sets continue to add different kinds of picks, different kinds of handles or grips, and different kinds of tension tools. Almost all lock pick sets come with a pouch or bag. This is an important accessory because, without it, you will find it difficult to keep track of your tools, and easy to lose one.

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