Lock Pick Tools

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Basic Lock Pick Tools

How basic can you get? Experienced, skilled lockpickers can open locks with some paper clips and a thin, flathead screwdriver! Of course, it is easier having picks with various shaped heads. The different angles on the heads adapt each pick to work on different kinds of locks, and to use with specific lock picking techniques.

The other must-have item in a lockpicker's case of lock pick tools is the tension wrench (tensioner). This is a simple tool used to apply torque while the pick is pulled over the pins inside the lock. Both picks and tension wrenches come in varying shapes and sizes, according to the kind of lock to be opened, and the preferences of the lockpicker.

Beyond Basic

A lockpicker who knows the craft well can fashion picks out of bicycle spokes and street cleaner bristles! But unless you just happen to be interested in how well such homemade tools would work, it is easier to buy basic lock pick sets. Any such sets would consist of at least one tension wrench, and several kinds of picks.

More elaborate lock pick sets would include more picks with still more angles, such as the snake tip, which is good for opening five-pin household locks. Electric pick guns are available, but are best used by locksmiths who do a lot of picking. They take a lot of practice to use well. A whole other category of lock pick tools is auto entry tools. This tool kit contains very different items from lock pick tools used with buildings.

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