Lock Picking 101

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Locks and Keys

Think about how many different kinds of locks you have on how many various items, from diaries to safes. Each lock requires a different kind of key. Keys are one of the most essential devices we have. They are so important, we keep them gathered onto a key ring and carry them with us as we go through our daily lives. As long as we have keys to open locks, we don't even think about the principles of lock picking.

If we lose even one of those keys, it is an inconvenience. If we lose the wrong key at the wrong time, it could have disastrous consequences. What if you lock yourself out of your car on a city street at night? Maybe you leave something cooking on the stove, and lock yourself out of your house.

Lock Picking 101 Available Online

Not everyone will want to master the craft of locksmithing. Lock picking is a non-destructive method of bypassing the use of keys. A fine locksmith will leave little or no evidence of the work. But even the best locksmith started with lock picking 101. Many resources--magazines, books, videos--are available online and elsewhere.

This information explains basic kinds of locks, techniques of lock picking, and use of locksmith tools. Although lock picking information will get you started, getting practical experience is absolutely necessary. This involves obtaining locks and actually practicing lock picking methods until you get the feel for the action of various lock mechanisms.

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