Lock Picking Kits

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Lock picking kits are an excellent way to avoid scrambling around and piecing together complete lock pick sets. Many kits will furnish you not only with an array of picks, but supporting equipment such as manuals and CDs as well. And you'll usually receive your lock picking kit in a durable and professional looking container, be it a pouch, belt, or box.

The art of lock picking can be so seductive that it's easy to forget the business element as well. As with any business, your customers will choose you not simply on your abilities, but on your projection of a professional image. This is less the case for a locksmith than, say, a mutual fund manager or attorney, but nevertheless you want to own all the trappings of a "real" locksmith, including the kit.

The Contents of Your Lock Picking Kits

Sure, there are 60-piece lock picking kits with various-sized instruments boasting a zillion different tips, grades, and angles. There are lock picking sets that run upwards of 100 dollars and throw in a handful of "shovit" tools, rakes, and other sexy instruments that will help you feel like a movie star. But for the majority of jobs you'll face as a budding locksmith, a standard set of lock picks with tension tools and a simple stainless steel handle does the trick. You shouldn't pay more than 30 or 40 bucks, tops, for such a set.

At the next level, you'll want to consider spending roughly twice that amount for a 30-40-piece set that bundles in various hooks, diamonds, and balls to properly equip you for tougher locks. Many keyways are too tight for standard picks and tension wrenches, which is where selection will benefit you. After a while, your skills will improve enough to let you operate in increasingly smaller plugs, and you'll be thankful for the latitude the best lock picking kits can provide.

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