Locksmith Supplies

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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There once was a time when finding good locksmith supplies required a trip to your local hardware or hobby store. There, you could expect to find some scattered picks and tension wrenches, maybe the occasional key extractor, but little in the way of a fully assembled kit. Nowadays, though, procuring the right locksmith supplies is a matter of hopping online and finding an internet retailer.

Chalk it up to detective films, pulp novels, TV mysteries, or any other culprit you wish, but the fact is there's more interest in the field of lock picking today than there's ever been before. In part, this is due to media depictions of characters who pick locks as effortlessly as they don their Derby hats and puff on pipes. But the ease with which information may now be transmitted worldwide in the blink of an eye is clearly also responsible.

Your Locksmith Supplies

If you're in the market for locksmith supplies of your own, either for fun or because you're an aspiring locksmith, you have a few choices. You can opt for a beginner's set that boasts three or four picks with different tips such as rounds and half diamonds. You can go for 15- or 20-piece sets that usually include a line of tension wrenches as well. Or you can buy a deluxe package for upwards of 100 bucks that puts it all together for the serious locksmith.

Electric pick guns, rakes, and other more advanced equipment is not necessary for the novice. Stick with a 10- or 20-dollar kit that features easy-to-read instructions and clear illustrations. Anything that's missing from your set can usually be found online (and for free) with a little bit of digging. If you fancy yourself a sleuth (why else would you pick up the hobby), fishing for information online should be a piece of cake.

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