Padlock Shim Sets

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Padlock shim sets are the preferred tool for opening most cheap padlocks in record time. While the devices are inexpensive and easy to use, they have limited effectiveness on high-quality locks. But anyone truly interested in guarding valuable possessions would never bank on a padlock alone to do the trick, as these models offer only minimal protection against thieves.

Padlock shim sets generally come with four or five different-sized shims, which are simply slender pieces of spring steel. These ends are inserted in the gap where the lock meets its hasp so that the tips disengage the locking mechanism inside the housing. The base of the shim, meanwhile, is cut to fit the contours of the exposed U-shaped latch, giving you greater control in maneuvering the end.

The Benefit of Padlock Shim Sets

One of the primary advantages of padlock shim sets is their simplicity; they require no expert training, practice, or touch whatsoever. Better still, most sets come with several copies of each shim so that if one happens to break you can go right on with your job. Or, if it turns out you actually need a different-sized shim, you've already got a range of possible solutions.

Like most lock picking tools, padlock shims can be readily found online through any number of locksmith stores. While the average shim set is fairly inexpensive to begin with, you can usually save a few bucks more by buying online and cutting out distributors and other middlemen. Several manufacturers will even offer free shipping and 24-hour customer service, which may come in handy once you graduate to bigger, more sophisticated lock picking supplies with multiple moving parts.

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