Tubular Lock Picks

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Tubular lock picks are designed specifically for "rounded" pin configurations, which are the hallmark of tubular locks. By positioning pins around the circumference of the mechanism, the makers of tubular locks can thwart many would-be pickers. From a consumer's standpoint, however, this feature can be an added measure of safety.

Most traditional lock picks won't help you in your quest to defeat a tubular lock. That's not only because the layout of a tubular lock is different from that of the average pin-tumbler contraption, but because their pin tensions are set higher as well. Success thus requires specialty lock picking tools with adjustable tension inserts and sliding picking needles for better feel.

Different Tubular Lock Picks

Some tubular lock picks feature two different instruments, one built for seven-pin designs and one for eight-pin designs. Vending machines, coin-operated appliances, and jukeboxes are just a few of the devices that rely on tubular locks for heightened security, though you may encounter them in residences as well. Since they're generally more expensive than pin-tumblers and wafer-tumblers, tubular locks may signify contents of greater value on the inside.

If you're shopping for tubular lock picks, look for a set that gives you both a seven- and eight-pin option, since you're likely to find both types of locks in your line of work. You'll have to decide whether brass or rubber handles feel best for your grip. The two have markedly different sensations and therefore camps of followers and detractors alike.

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Its funny how amazingly well tubular lockpicks actually work.
The tubular lock is such an good lock idea but then in real life you can pick it in seconds!

I tried it myself, you can buy one for like 40 bucks and it will open any tubular lock with the same amount of pins.
Very funny that something so simple could be so effective :P

Tubular lockpick