Tyndall Afb

Written by Sarah Provost
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Tyndall Air Force Base is located at Panama City, on the Eastern Peninsula of Florida. Palm trees, white beaches and all the pleasures of the tropics make this base a highly desirable destination. Even Clark Gable took his training here.

Training Has Been a Primary Tyndall Mission

Tyndall began in 1941 as a training base for aerial gunnery. In 1943, French aerial gunnery students were admitted, and Chinese Air Force students in 1944. Tyndall is still a center for international training in weapons control. In 1953, Tyndall became a pilot training school associated with the Air Defense Command. Many rounds of expansion and development were completed over the next few decades as associate units joined the Tyndall group.

In 1991, the Headquarters of the 1st Air Force moved to Tyndall from Langley AFB in Virginia. The 325th Fighter Wing was reorganized into a four-group structure--medical, logistics, support and operations--and then became the host unit. In 1993, to spotlight Tyndall's continued and growing training mission, there was a move from the Air Combat Command to the Air Education and Training Command.

Today the 325th Fighter Wing is responsible for training F-15 and F/A-22 pilots and crew chiefs as well as air traffic controllers, weapons controllers and intelligence personnel specially trained on the F-15. Associated units include the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group, the 81st Test Support Squadron, the 83rd and 86th Fighter Weapons Squadrons and the Air Force Research Lab. Tyndall's NCO Academy has graduated almost 25,000 students.

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