Veteran Student Loans

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Veteran student loans can be the key to a college education for many former military personnel. In the increasingly complex world of technological sophistication, readily available information, and international interdependence, a college degree is a necessity in order to land a good job in an extremely competitive job market.

Military careers are a great alternative to careers in the private sector, but they don't always last a lifetime. Many military people spend years in the military and when they leave that service discover that they are not as marketable in the private sector as they would like to be. Education is the key to making a smooth transition. Veteran student loans can help former military people earn the degree they need to succeed in business beyond the military.

After leaving active duty, veterans are eligible for certain benefits, including educational benefits. Veterans must have been honorably discharged from their service or they are not eligible. Veterans must have also earned their high school diploma or equivalency before these benefits can be enacted.

Qualifying for Veteran Student Loans

There are several categories under which veterans must establish their eligibility for veteran student loans, and there is a time restriction they must adhere to. Veterans have until November 2010 to enact these benefits, or within 10 years of their discharge, whichever is later. This information comes directly from the Department of Veterans Affairs in their 2004 benefits guide, which can be found on the Web, or you may consult your military financial association or advisor for assistance.

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