Emergency Us Passports

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When planning to travel abroad, it is recommended that you plan at least two months in advance to make sure that all passport applications and other diplomatic paperwork clears properly. As nice as that sounds, too often people don't have the luxury of two months planning. Urgent business and personal emergencies spring up, and people have to travel internationally on very short notice.

Your Options in an Emergency

For these instances, the passport agencies in major US cities can speed up the process of passport application. However, even this express service may not allow for urgent departures. Private passport expediters have been known to get you a passport in 24 hours, but they charge a small sum in addition to government charges. For those wanting to avoid private charges but still needing a passport immediately, passport agencies can issue emergency passports.

These passports are of limited validity, and expire quickly, but usually are enough to get someone through their international emergency. When an emergency passport expires, it must be replaced with a full validity passport--a person cannot hold two emergency passports at once, nor can one be extended. People needing emergency passports should contact the nearest passport agency as soon as possible.

With the popularity of private passport expediters on the rise, most people prefer to use these services. It can be much easier to just pay an extra fee to get a full-validity passport on short notice, rather than going through the trouble of getting an appointment at a passport agency. Thanks to this, emergency passports are rare nowadays, and may be phased out in the near future.

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