How To Apply For A Passport

Written by Jen Nichol
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When faced with a last-minute international travel opportunity, a person may wonder how to apply for a passport, and how to get it in enough time to travel. Most passports take up to eight weeks for the passport offices to process, but there are passport expediting services that can get the process done and a passport issued in as little as a day. These expediting services will be located near one of the main passport offices, so that one's documents can be hand-carried through the system, if need be.

The instructions on how to apply for a passport will be similar no matter whether one is leaving soon, or can wait for the standard process. There are some forms to fill out, photos to be submitted, and documents to be signed. A good passport expediting resource will have the steps clearly explained, and will also have downloadable forms for the traveler to print and fill out.

Info on How to Apply for a Passport

In addition to the standard forms, one may need to submit proof of travel if one is expediting the passport process. This is to prevent an unnecessary backlog in the system, which protects travelers who need to leave almost immediately. A good expediting service will guarantee timely processing of one's passport, passport renewal, or foreign visa.

Instructions on how to apply for a passport are easy to find, and easy to follow. It is in the best interest of the expediting service to make the process approachable and efficient. A person can look forward to their trip with pleasurable anticipation, if they know that they will have their documents on time, guaranteed.

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