Travel Documents

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When traveling in a foreign country, there are two important travel documents to keep on your person at all times: a passport, and a visa. These are internationally recognized documents that allow the bearers right of passage and re-entry, facilitation international tourism, business, and relocation. However, if these documents are not in order, a traveler can be in for quite a hard time.

Passports and Visas

A passport is a document issued by the home country of the traveler. It functions as an ID, and it is proof of the nationality of the traveler. With this proof, a traveler may be spared other hassles--for example, US travelers do not need visas in most European nations. It guarantees your right to contact your consulate should you run afoul of the law, and it allows you to be returned to your country of origin.

A visa is a document issued by the country you are visiting that grants you permission to be in that country. Visas generally come in two kinds: temporary and permanent. Temporary visas are for tourism, business, journalism, and other short-term travel. Permanent visas are granted for students, as well as people seeking employment or joining family abroad.

It is important that you have all necessary paperwork before you leave home. Never assume that you can get a visa upon arrival in a foreign country, for you are more likely to be deported for entering without a visa. Check with your local branch of the state department, as well as the nearest consulate for your destination country well in advance of travel to stay out of trouble.

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